Terms and Conditions

  1. Whilst every care is taken to ensure your dog’s safety all dogs receive treatment at clients risk.

  2. Your dog should be toileted before each session to ensure they do not soil the treatment room.

  3. Payment for sessions is due on the day of treatment or in advance.

  4. No treatment will be given without a signed referral form from your vet. This form will expire after 6 months from the date of signature and a new form will be required. We will remind you when the expiry date is near.

  5. If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment we may cancel that appointment and may still charge for it.

  6. If you wish to cancel your appointment please give us at least 48 hours notification. If you fail to do this we may charge for the appointment. Exceptions may be made if you are unable to attend because the patient is ill or inclement weather please, notify us as soon as possible.

  7. We may not be able to treat bitches in season, or dogs that have a contagious or infectious condition, including eye/ear infections, gastric/skin conditions, or dogs with an open or weeping wound.

  8. We reserve the right to use recording equipment and may place photos of your dog on our website, please inform us if you do not wish us to use photos of your dog.

  9. Due to the nature of the exercise your dog will undertake do not feed them for at least 2 hours prior to and 2 hours after each session.

  10. Owner’s must poop scoop dog waste whilst on the grounds of Glebe Farm, and dispose of away from Glebe Farm. In the event of noncompliance a fee of £50 will be charged.

  11. All dogs must be kept on a lead and under control whilst on the Glebe Farm complex.

  12. Clients are reminded that the floor is likely to get wet and so suitable footwear should be worn.


  • Disclaimer

    Owner’s and animals use the underwater treadmill at their own risk.  We cannot therefore accept responsibility for any injury or illness suffered by owners or animals using FidoHydroFitness facilities.

    Privacy Statement

    .At Fidohydrofitness we use your personal details to enable us to identify and contact you under Article 6(1)(a) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  •  We may also use those details when contacting your veterinarian. We will not sell, or knowingly provide visibility of your details to third parties. We retain personal details for a maximum period of 7 years following the final appointment. We will not attach customer identification on any photographs we publish or print to maintain confidentiality.


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Customer Comments


Fab place to take your fur baby x bev is amazing and extremely patient x my baby shelby actually enjoys going to have her sessions each week




Hi Bev, it was great to meet you, we were so pleased with how everything went you were brilliant with balko and didn’t he do well im flabbergasted, i’ll be back to you asap kx