IMG_9350e_DxO-1-webFidoHydroFitness is owned and run by Bev who has worked with some of the best trainers in the country as well as training agility and tracking for a local training club. She has experience at the Army Vet Corp in Melton Mowbray training army dogs in a variety of disciplines.

In 2014 she attended Moulton College and achieved a BTEC level 4 in Canine Hydrotherapy, currently the highest qualification available in the subject in the UK. In 2017 Bev also qualified as a Canine Massage Practitioner.

Staff at FidoHydroFitness have completed a Small Animal First Aid Course at Hawksmoor Training Centre. Staff also have experience in Schutzhund training.

We ensure the water temperature is between 28-32⁰C to provide the optimum temperature to assist in relaxing muscles.

The water quality is tested a minimum of three times a day to ensure that the correct chlorine levels are maintained.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy in an Underwater Treadmill

Partial weight bearing – we can vary the water level and speed of the treadmill to

Improved AROM compared to land

Proprioceptive gait training

Cautious fracture loading

Improved balance while walking

Builds lean muscle in limbs

Speeds gait retraining

Assists with hydrophobic dogs to get them used to water.

Increased cardiovascular fitness