We are based in the grounds of Glebe Farm Shop on outskirts of Kettering, Northamptonshire.

We all know that swimming is one of the best exercises for human fitness and toning those muscles that other exercises don’t. In recent years we have also seen the benefits of swimming pets to assist in their rehabilitation after surgery.

Hydrotherapy is a fun, beneficial and easy way to exercise a dog. Whether it is for rehabilitation purposes, conditioning purposes, or just for fun exercise, most dogs are attracted by water. The benefits are many and varied; the warmth of the water helps with circulation, it is considered an effective source of pain relief that does not have side effects attributed to prescribed medication, and because it is impossible to make sudden moves, fall over or slip in water it is unlikely to cause further damage to an injury.

Traditionally swimming in a pool has been the way to go but now with increased technology the use of an underwater treadmill is becoming more and more popular, indeed it has many benefits over a pool in that some patients can start their rehabilitation after surgery a lot sooner than in a pool, increasing their chances of a full recovery. In addition, because the patient will walk or jog in a natural gait pattern and the joints are extended further, benefitting those patients with spinal injuries and patella luxation.

Another benefit of the treadmill is that the water level and speed of the treadmill can be altered to give very different types of treatment, which adds to its versatility. In fact, with exception to patients with compromised mobility there are no cases which use the pool that could not be treated in the treadmill, making the treadmill a very useful aid for most types of treatment.

In 2017 we added Canine Massage to our portfolio after successful formal qualification.

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Fab place to take your fur baby x bev is amazing and extremely patient x my baby shelby actually enjoys going to have her sessions each week





Hi Bev, it was great to meet you, we were so pleased with how everything went you were brilliant with balko and didn’t he do well im flabbergasted, i’ll be back to you asap kx